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Open 6 days a week

  m-f 11-4 and sat 12-4

Pretzel Lunch is the name of the game and we're darn good at it!!  Whether you prefer a Bavarian Salted (that's plain to some folks, but we don't like calling it that) or Stuffed full of glorious fillings!!  We got ya covered!!!


We make a LIMITED NUMBER of pretzels daily. 

So, sometimes we sell out.

Here are some new rules that we must put in place to try and make everyone happy:

1.  If you absolutely MUST pre-order (which we ask that you do for orders of 7 or more stuffed Pretzels) you absolutely MUST do it no later than the day before.  We can not accept pre-orders on the day of.  It's too late. 

2.  We must now put a limit on the number of stuffed Pretzels per walk-in order, if you do not pre-order the day before.  That number is 6 and the 6 applies to the number of Stuffed Pretzels you may purchase, feel free to buy up whatever else you'd like!! 

3.  We can't hold pretzels for later in the afternoon if you call the day of.  You can give us a pre-order the day before and we can do so then. 

4.  These rules apply to Monday - Friday only.  Saturday is still First Come, First Serve.

We apologize if it seems we are being too strict with you but things are beginning to get a bit out of control for us with the crazy amount of phone calls we receive in a day.  We love it!  It means you like us, but it also means that every time we have to stop and answer the phone, another Pretzel remains uncooked.  Help us to serve the best product we can in the most efficient way!!  Follow these rules!!


Gnarly Knots Pretzel Company

27W570 High Lake Road, Winfield, IL, United States


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Is a take and go establishment.  We apologize but the seating we offer includes one picnic table in the back and one table in the front.  We have two bar stools inconveniently located inside the front door as well.  Sadly, that is the space we have to work with.  GKPC is an independently owned establishment.... NOTA CHAINThe owners (and their loyal employees!!) pour their hearts and souls into making sure that every thing is delicious, every time. 


is coming!!!

On that day, September 20th, we will be featuring our Oktoberfest Pretzel (Bratwurst, Saurkraut and Mustard Stuffed)  It's Awesome and only comes once a year!!!