Gnarly Knots Pretzel Company

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​Frequently Asked Questions:

​Q: What’s the difference between the ‘cheese topped’ and ‘cheese stuffed’ pretzel?
A: One has cheese baked on TOP and the other has cheese STUFFED inside the pretzel. We’ll let you decide which is which…

Q: What is the difference between the ‘cinnamon butter’ and ‘cinnamon cream’ dipping sauces?
A: Cinnamon butter is made with butter and is more of a spread while the cinnamon cream is made with a sweet sour cream base and is more of a dipper.

Q: How do you warm up the pretzels so I can enjoy them later?
A: Let’s remember that pretzels are just like any other bread product that you would get anywhere else. While heating them up isn’t completely necessary, if you do, we recommend using an oven or toaster oven for reheating. Just for a few minutes until soft again. Please do not microwave! But if you do… just don’t tell us you did. Our stuffed pretzels on the other hand should be reheated in the oven or toaster oven until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees (about 5-8 minutes at 350).

Q: What types of cheese are in the 3 cheese pretzel?
A: Provolone, Cheddar and Monterey Jack (pronounced mon-ta-ray)

Q: Is Monterey Jack Cheese spicy?

A: Heck no!!  It's a mild white cheese.

Q: What type of hot dog is used for the pretzel dog?
A: All Beef Hebrew National Jumbo

Q: Do you have gluten free pretzels?
A: No and we never will. Sorry. However we do offer plenty of homemade soups that are gluten free!

Q: Do you have sandwiches?
A: NOPE! We specialize in making STUFFED PRETZELS. Big diff!

Q: Can I place an order over the phone to be picked up today?
A: Sorry no. We are a first come first serve establishment. If you’d like to place an order ahead of time we require 24 hours advance notice.


Q: Why didn't you make more pretzels today?  You always run out!

A: We make all of our pretzel dough fresh daily.  That means that we access our pretzel needs daily and make as many as history tells us to.  If you know ahead of time that you are going to get a large order (like say a day ahead or at least early morning...) then we can amend our pretzel amounts!!  The dough takes quite a while to rise, roll and bake.... so a late day batch is not an option unfortunately.

Q: I got all the way home and saw that my order was incorrect.  WTF??

A: We are a human run company that can make mistakes from time to time.  We've amended out "hand off" strategy to include us telling you what is in the bag.  It does take an extra minute to go onto the next order and some folks get annoyed with us for holding them up.  Please be patient with us!  We want to be sure that you get everything you paid for!! It's always a good idea to check your bag before you leave as well - especially if you live far, far away.  We do our best to ensure the correctness of every order... but sometimes we fail miserably.  Help us to help you!!